Reggie   Hamilton   is   one   of   the   most   versatile,   talented and   emotionally   driving   musicians   performing   today.   His performances    vary    from    classical    to    jazz,    country    & western   to   blues,   hip   hop   to   bluegrass   and   everything in-between.   Given   the   opportunity   to   express   music   in his    own    unique    method    or    style,    Reggie    can    move people   to   great   heights   of   excitement   or   generate   sobs of sadness. Most   people   will   take   an   LP   (Record,   Saucer,   Turntable, remember   those?),   CD   (Shiny   small   platter),   MP3   (Now you   understand?),   Video,   etc.   and   overlook   the   people who   played   on   them.   Fans   focus   on   the   vocals   and lyrics   and   that’s   clearly   understandable.   But,   if   you   are passionate   about   the   music,   players   and   rhythm   &   soul of the music, then you already know Reggie Hamilton. Reggie   Hamilton    has   and   continues   to   perform   and record    with    such    famous    artists    as    Ricky    Martin, Whitney    Houston    and    Enrique    Iglesias    to    major    Film scores    as    Twin    Peaks:    Fire    Walk    With    Me,    Austin Powers    II    -    The    Spy    Who    Shagged    Me    and    102 Dalmatians.     That     perfectly     played     bass     line     that compliments   the   song,   the   back   beat   that   moved   you, the   bottom   end   that   made   you   get   out   of   your   chair,   was most likely Reggie Hamilton.
© 2015 Reggie Hamilton
Reggie Hamilton
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Photography Credits: Daniel Angeli, Michela Penazzi, Jessica Rain, Alex Alessandroni, Bob Burchess, Robert Knight
There are Bass Players and then......... there is Reggie Hamilton
Photo by Anastasia Radion © 2012
Photo by Anastasia Radion © 2012
Reggie Hamilton - The Bass player’s Bass Player.